The Adventures of Amber Reviews

Mariel Hemingway

Oscar-nominated actress and granddaughter of the legendary Ernest Hemingway

Expressed her admiration for the book, saying, “The Adventures of Amber will be a great addition to your child’s home library, and it will certainly be enjoyed by everyone else at home as well.”

Such a great story about a little girl and her grandmother appreciating nature! I love the back of the book where there is information about the native animals. As a mom and a science teacher. I just love this book and can't wait for more!
Review by Linda Wetherall
Super cute book. The author did a great job describing the beautiful scenery of nature. My daughter loves reading the animal facts at the end of the book too! The colorful illustrations are truly stunning. A must have for for every classroom bookshelf and home library.
Review by Lucy L
"An adventurous girl Amber loves nature and the walk in the woods. She asked her grandma if she is ready for an afternoon adventure in the woods. Amber's grandmother joined her happily for an adventure. Together they explored so many things in the woods.

This is a wonderful story book. Kids who love adventures and nature will enjoy every bit of this story. Cover photo of the book looks lovely. Title couldn't have been more appropriate. Each and every page of the book is filled with vibrant illustrations. Written in a lucid language, kids will have great time reading this story."
Review by Kia
"The Adventures of Amber: Walk in the Woods" written by the author Isabell Hayden and illustrated by Bekir Rıza Sahin is an amazing Children's Book. Story features a young adventurous girl Amber who has a cute puppy Daisy. During summer, Amber visits her grandparents' cottage and she enjoys taking an afternoon walk in the woods with her grandma and Daisy.

Read this book to find out yourself what all adventures they will have in the woods. Story is full of pretty illustrations. Writing style of author is nice. I read this book with my nephew. It made him excited to go on an adventure with his Grandma. This is such a lovely story that will be adored by kids who love adventures.
Review by Nony